2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day

Keep Your Hat On

Craft: Knitting

Pattern: Improvised

Materials: 1 skein Malabrigo Gruesa in “Paris Night” colorway, 1 size US 10 circular needles

My little guy is very fidgety when it comes to hats. He much prefers them on the floor rather than on his head. He had a couple beanies that I made but none that would stay on his head if he had his way. So one day I grabbed some chunky yarn from my stash and a pair of needles and improvised a hat pattern for him-with earflaps and straps to tie under his chin!

I determined the cast on stitch count and the crown decreases just by eyeballing it. I knitted from the bottom up and when the main body of the hat was done I picked up stitches on both sides of the brim and made an earflap by decreasing to a point. When I had a couple stitches left at the earflaps I put them on double pointed needles and made I-cords for the straps. I was done in an afternoon and wove in the ends the next morning!

Baby boy still didn’t approve of the hat but it’s harder for him to take off and he likes to play with (bite on) the straps. He can and does still take it off now and then but thankfully he knows the rule by now-keep your hat on! Plus, I’m sure he can’t help but notice how warm his little ears are as the weather gets colder!

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