2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day, crochet, projects

Ripples in the Pond (or) Skipping Stones

Craft: Crochet

Pattern: Improvised

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, Lion Brand Amazing, Knit Picks Swish Worsted, Paintbox Yarns Cotton


Here’s a modular vest that is crocheted in simple stitches (except for the I-cord closure, which is knitted). I named it “Ripples in the Pond (or) Skipping Stones” because the interplay of all the different colored yarns together reminds me of a day at the pond or lake, cool dark water, smooth pebbles, lichen and moss and slippery grey scales and fins…

I made this vest as an experimental exercise to practice making a garment starting from squares. I plan on using the knowledge I gained from this project to make a similar adult version sometime in the near future.


To make the vest I started by crocheting 8 traditional granny squares in Lion Brand Amazing and joining them together using the Swish yarn. I then worked the top back/shoulder area, down to the top front shoulder/chest area, using Malabrigo Rios. After this, I worked the bottom edge in the Swish yarn that was used to join the squares, then the front body sides in the Paintbox yarn. I worked an edging around the collar and front sides using the Paintbox yarn, then a final slip stitch edging around all sides using Rios. I made the I-cord using Rios as well, and knitted and sewed it through a hole (ch sp) in the edging on one side and left the other free to tie and untie into the opposite side.

I worked my stitches too tight on the corners so it curls up a bit, and the cotton in the front at my tight gauge made the fabric a bit stiff, but aside from that it turned out pretty swell!

We’ll see how the large version turns out…


Happy Crocheting!

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