2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day, crochet, designs, knit, projects

Constable Charlie


Here’s a little knitted dickey/popover/vest/bib with a matching cap to top it off. This dickey started as an idea for a bib that would entirely cover the front of baby’s upper body. After everything was said and done, it was too darn cute for me to bring myself to just use it as a bib! I like to pop it over little one’s head to cover his chest when it’s a bit chilly but not quite sweater weather.

I liked this design so much (it’s reversible too!) I can see myself making it again in the future, perhaps in bigger sizes. I did not write this one down as I worked (so sad) but I plan on reading the stitches to figure it out when the time comes to replicate it, which should be easy enough.

file-5  file-6

As far as the cap goes, it was actually a happy coincidence. I had crocheted myself a notions bowl a while back and happened to be organizing the contents of it right around the time that I was thinking to make a little sun hat. Funny enough, I had even used the same yarn for the bowl as in the little dickey so they would match perfectly. All I did was add a strap on both sides-one with 2 buttons, one with a buttonhole. I didn’t write down a pattern for the little bowl/cap either, but this also should be a piece o’ cake to replicate. Isn’t it cute? It didn’t do much as a sun hat but it’s a sweet little costume piece-mini constable’s hat or old soldier helmet, eh?

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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