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Introducing a parapluie original, my first completed stranded knitting design. Woot, woot! It’s a little “barely-there-beret,” so called because you can block it on a plate and it will act slightly like a beret, or just block it normally and wear it as a toque. Here’s a little how-to:

>My gauge was approximately 6.4 sts. per inch.

>In total, I used 7 yarns of different colors and fibers.

>I started with US 7 needles, then switched to US 8, then 9. I could have used US 9 the entire time but I was going for a tighter rib so I started with a US 7 and gradually moved up. The finished hat fit snugly (but not too snugly) after being blocked. If you want a looser fitting hat, go up needle sizes.

  1. Using US size 7 needles, I casted on 96 sts. in color A. I joined in the round and worked 1 round in color A. 20180313_162342
  2. I then worked a 1×2 corrugated rib [1 purl in color B x 2 knits in color A] for 1.75“. I switched to US 8 needles 1/3 of the way into the rib, then US 9 needles 2/3 of the way into the rib.
  3. When the rib measured 1.75,” I worked as in the colorwork chart provided. Every box that says “purl” was purled in color B. *Update: Forgot to mention that after the first round of increases (round 2 of chart) I had 120 stitches, and after the next round of increases I had 136 stitches, which is the total worked throughout the chart until the decrease rounds.Brenna - Stitch Fiddle-final
  4. My hat measured ~6″ when I got to the 1st decrease round. If yours doesn’t, just work a couple more rounds from whatever section of the chart you choose until you’re at approximately 6″ then begin the decreases (explained in step 5)…
  5. Starting at round 30, I worked the decrease section of the chart to the end. I’ll walk you through the first decrease round so you understand how the decreases are presented in the chart. On the 30th round, K1 color B, then using color G, SSK the next 2 stitches together (the 2 color A stitches from round 29.) Work the next 12 stitches as shown in chart, then K2TOG in color G. Repeat around the hat. Decreases are worked on rounds 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and finally one round of only K2TOG’s is worked on round 44.
  6. *Edit 5/7/18* Silly me had written “BO all sts.” What I meant to say was “Cut tail and pull yarn through remaining sts. Pull tight + fasten off. Weave in all ends.”
  7. And of course, I blocked my hat on an object that would stretch it out to my desired fit. Well, kind of. I couldn’t find a plate that would work for me so I used a container for warm tortillas that didn’t give me exactly what I was going for but still got the job done. Whatever works!

You can download the chart for this hat pattern here: Brenna Beret Chart PDF.

As of 5/3/2018 a PDF version of the entire pattern with the chart included is available as well: Brenna Beret Pattern + Chart PDF. *NOTE* In pdf step 6. says “BO all sts.” It is meant to read as above (cut yarn, pull through sts + fasten.)

Happy  Knitting!

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