2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day

2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day

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Parapluie is an online craft journal that will document projects I make and patterns I design each year. Besides improving my skills and increasing my knowledge of knitting and crocheting, I would like to share the joy I have for these hobbies as well as branch out to learn new crafts. For the year of 2018, I have a list of knit and crochet projects I am attempting to complete within the calendar year which will help me to practice new techniques or improve on old ones. Some of these are my own designs, some are adaptations, and some are patterns I think would be splendid to make.

My entire list (as of now) for 2018 is here:

  1. Colorwork beret (my design)
  2. Cotton dickey (my design)
  3. Baby bucket hat (my design)
  4. Grey raglan (my design)
  5. Baa-ble baby cardigan (adaptation)
  6. Agnes (pattern)
  7. Geometric child’s hat (replication)
  8. Linen St. Scarf (pattern)
  9. Grey Gardens Entrelac Turban (pattern)
  10. Long Weekend Cardigan (pattern)
  11. Baa-ble child’s hat (pattern)
  12. Loki 2.0 (pattern)
  13. Baby blanket (adaptation)
  14. Basic gloves (pattern)
  15. Granny squares vest (my design)
  16. Bulky baby sweater (my design)
  17. Rib my heiny longies (pattern)
  18. Traditional granny square baby blanket

I tried to keep my list short and sweet but it just kept growing! I would like to finish at least 11 of my craft goals for the year (the original number when I made this list). Everything else is just frosting on the cake. I am going to try my best not to deviate from the list. So far, I can check #2 and # 5 off (postings soon to follow). #’s 1, 4, 9 and 13 are currently in the works.

Well, 2018…here I go!



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