2018 Crafts for a Rainy Day

This is my list of predetermined (and spontaneously added) projects that I plan to knit, crochet, design, or collaborate with crafting buddies on for the year of 2018. Click on the links to see the finished objects!

  1. Colorwork beret (parapluie design) xxx March 2018 ——————–>>> Brenna Beret
  2. Cotton dickey (parapluie design) xxx February 2018 ——————–>>> Little Dickey
  3. Baby bucket hat (parapluie design) xxx March 2018 —————->>> Constable Charlie
  4. Grey raglan (parapluie design) xxx April 2018 ————->>> Mama’s Matching
  5. Baa-ble baby cardigan (adaptation) xxx January 2018 ———–>>> Sheepish Cardigan
  6. Agnes by Lene Holme Samsøe (pattern)
  7. Geometric child’s hat (replication)
  8. Linen stitch scarf (pattern)
  9. Grey Gardens by Kate Burge + Rachel Price (pattern)
  10. Long Weekend Cardigan by Yarnspirations (pattern)
  11. Baa-ble hat child’s version (pattern)
  12. Loki 2.0 by Ragga Eiríksdóttir (pattern) Frost by Unnur Eva Arnarsdóttir (pattern)
  13. Baby blanket (adaptation)
  14. Basic gloves by Ann Budd (pattern)
  15. Granny squares vest (parapluie design)
  16. Granny squares vest for me (parapluie design)
  17. Baby granny squares jacket (parapluie design)
  18. Bulky baby sweater (parapluie design) xxx April 2018 ——–>>> Noble Eliott
  19. Rib My Heiny Longies (pattern)
  20. Traditional granny square baby blanket (pattern)
  21. Scandinavian inspired sweater + hat (parapluie design)
  22. Checkerboard hat (parapluie design)
  23. Blue Orchid Baby Romper by Croby (pattern) xxx March 2018 ——–>>> Greystone
  24. Leaping Crochet Baby Hoodie by Tamara Kelly (pattern) xxx January 2018 —–>>> Leaping Crochet

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